Ode to the Unhappy Baby’s Parents on the Airplane

To the mom (or dad) on the plane with the screaming little one. Please relax. Please do not think that everyone on the plane is annoyed with you, mad at you, or thinks you are an awful parent. There is likely a couple that are selfishly annoyed, but they are generally lacking in experience or wearing rose-colored glasses. Many of us are parents ourselves and if you see us anxiously looking to/at you, it is not in judgment or criticism but rather either sympathy or inquiring to see if we can help somehow. We understand that sometimes there’s just nothing mom (or dad) can do in the confines of your airplane seat. Those that don’t/won’t look at you aren’t angry, but rather just trying to give you some space while you work so hard to calm the child. Just remember, the more relaxed you are, the easier for them to calm. Sometimes nothing will calm them…just know that you are in good company, and we’ve all been there…and if we haven’t, it is just plain dumb luck and we are so thankful.


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